Top 8 Akaa-mplishments of 2016 Posted December 10, 2016 by lgrimanis


As we reflect on the year, we want to share with you some of our favorite moments and biggest Akaa-mplishments (get it?) from 2016:

  1. Partnership with Ghana Education Service: It’s official! After two years of discussion and negotiation, we’ve signed an agreement to create a more collaborative school with the Ghanaian Government. Under the partnership, Ghana Education Service will provide teacher support, textbooks and other logistics, while the Akaa Project will focus on improving key areas of educational gaps in rural areas,such as providing extra support for English literacy and implementing technology education programs.  
  2. Community Library opens its doors. We finally have a permanent home for hundreds of books we’ve collected over the years. Our library is a space for children and community members to expand their  curiosity, practice their reading, learn, and grow. Read more about our funding partner, the Opposite of Loneliness.img_5242
  3. Completion of 4 new classrooms. The Opposite of Loneliness also funded a new school structure with 4 brand new classrooms and a school office. Check out our unique rammed earth construction methodimg_7235
  4. 100+ hours of training and professional development opportunities. Last year, we raised funds to support our local Ghanaian team to grow personally and professionally. In the rural areas we work in, these types of opportunities are limited, and we wanted to ensure those who implement our programs to continue to learn for their community, themselves and our organization.15037321_1162169903871776_2753604542436368421_n
  5. Summer camp: With the amazing young people at Young at Heart Ghana, we hosted a week-long ICT (Information Communication & Technology) summer camp. For most students, this was their first time even touching a computer!pic15
  6. Digital Reading: Our partnership with WorldReader launched an e-reading program, with 25 e-readers. Each device contains 100 local storybooks written by African and international authors, and includes digital copies of school  textbooks.img_1609
  7. New Board members: We’ve added 4 new members to our Board of Directors. With a wide range of experience – from finance, business, public health, education, and agriculture – and all with a commitment to the Akaa Project’s growth, they will help lead the organization into its next strategic stages.
  8. Place to Learn and Play: Students are enjoying the new play equipment made from recycled materials with the help of our volunteers!  img_1674


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