We want YOU! 

Volunteer in Ghana, on your campus, at your office, at home, or anywhere! 

Volunteers are an integral part of the Akaa Project. We believe that there is mutual benefit between the community and volunteers. Lauren Grimanis began the organization as a volunteer, so we want to give others the change to have similar amazing experiences. We want engage you in a part of Akaa that interests you, you are skilled at or want to learn more from. We are open to any ideas, so please contact us or contact Lauren at lgrimanis@theakaaproject.org. 

The Akaa Project is run and operated fully by volunteers, so you can imagine how much we could use your help! Use your talents and interests to help us and the Akaa community. Examples of volunteer involvement include (but are certainly not limited to) fundraising, social media, business development and partnerships, event planning, finance, outreach and awareness. 

GO TO GHANA We also have volunteer trips throughout the year to Ghana. Volunteers stay in the Akaa Project community center in the Asiafo Amanfro village. They are immersed into village and Ghanaian life.  Volunteering opportunities include (but are certainly not limited to) teaching, providing medical care, implementing healthcare preventative strategies, business education, research, digital media creation and monitoring/evaluation. We also work closely with the College of Wooster (Wooster, OH) and the Akaa team on campus to organize student trips. Read more about the Akaa experience on the Volunteers Blog.

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