Focusing on Families

With a lack of quality medical care and knowledge, the Akaa Project emphasizes families through our healthcare initiatives. From children nutrition courses to clean water and sanitation, we take a holistic view of family health. We provide services and education to improve overall family and child health.

nutrition seminar

Our healthcare goals:

  • to educate families about ways to improve health, prevent illness, accidents and reduce risks.
  • to insure that infants, children, adolescent s and mothers receive highest quality health care
  •  to work with district, national government and international institutions to increase the availability of skilled and qualified health care providers.
  • to enhance the fair distribution and appropriate use of medications, supplies and equipment to improve health.
  • to work with traditional healers in alternative approaches to health care.

Learn about what we’ve done to accomplish these goals

Clean Water and Sanitation

We’ve dug two borehole water wells and built 5 rural micro-flush toilets. Learn more about these projects on their pages.

Global Partnerships:

Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health, United Nations


United Nations Every Woman, Every Child Global Initiative

every woman every child ghana

The Akaa Project supports the UN Millennium goal that health care is a human right and upholds the Nightingale Declaration which is committed to sharing health with the world. We are also in collaboration with the Yilo Krobo Municipal District Assembly and the Eastern Region health services.



Want to get involved or have questions? Please contact our Healthcare Coordinator, Mary Grimanis at for more information.