Healthcare Work

December, 2012-January, 2013

Completion of two borehole wells, an effort to promote wellness with the availability of clean fresh water for the community.

March-April, 2013

Mothers in the Asiafro and Hasi communities gathered together at the community center for 3 health care educational sessions including learning about:

  • anatomy and function of the human body
  • identifying ways to enhance infant and child nutrition
  • method to intervene with a choking infant or child
  • method of rescue breathing
  • methods of infection control and wound care with an emphasis on hand washing
  • the rationale and method for using oral rehydration salts
  • prevention of unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.  

An evening health and educational forum was held with the adolescents and young adults within the community.Topics for discussion included  protection from sexually transmitted diseases and use of condoms, now available in the community.A question and answer period clarified misconceptions about pregnancy, HIV, and sexually transmitted diseases.

Healthcare Access

Families are encouraged to sign up for the National Health Insurance. Efforts are in process to identify and help implement best approaches to improve care.

A community health center is available a couple miles from the community.  Presently staffing is limited and there are insufficient supplies and outdated equipment/resources.


Families in the communities of Asiafro Amanafro, Hasi, Botoswi and Suta met to discuss the development of a Moringa farm.

This would involve partnering with Moringa Connect, a social enterprise spearheaded by MIT students. Farmers could improve their income by processing and selling Moringa oil for use in the cosmetics industry.

Moringa would also serve a dual purpose of improving the nutrition of infants, children and adults while offering health care benefits to the community at large.

Veterinary Day

animal care ghanaDr. Kwieku Duah and his staff from the Koforidua Animal Hospital volunteered their time while vaccinating 37 dogs and cats in the Asiafro Amanfro and Hasi communities against rabies. Appropriate vaccines were administered to the pigs as well.

An educational session was also held to discuss the rationale for rabies vaccination. Also, Dr. Duah offered advice on best ways to care for animals