A Place to Poop is complete! Posted February 23, 2014 by lgrimanis


A Place to Poop is complete! Now the 100 children at the Asiafo Amanfro Community School have access to proper, safe and clean sanitation. 

We constructed five micro-flush biofil toilets – a revolutionary system for sanitation in rural areas – you would even want to use these toilets!. These toilets organically break down waste into fertilizer, ensures hygienic practices through it’s handwashing component, and  has a closed system which prevents flies from carrying diseases and bacteria. This is a new sustainable sanitation technology developed by Global Sustainable Aid Projects (GSAP) from a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. GSAP’s technology is transforming how rural communities are able to access proper sanitation. We are proud that we are the second school in Ghana to have these toilets!

Check out the progression of our new toilets: 

With this permanent, sustainable solution to rural sanitation, the Akaa Project is now able to promote the health and hygiene for children, expand school attendance, and ensure continued quality education for girls. But the impact also extends to the entire Akaa community. 

We are able to make impact because of our wonderful donors:

The Noble Foundation and Acton Congregational Church




David & Nancy, Damon and Mary Hickey, St. James Episcopal Church (Wooster, OH), Hansell Family, Stephen and Diane Fay, Leslie Chappell, Reid Family, Kathryn Repicky,  Ronald and Marilyn Lemanski, Switzer Family, Morgan and Chris Grogan, Nowak Family, Goodermote Family, Harper Family, Hans Boateng & Co.

 A special thank you to:

Niki Duffy, Hans Boateng & Co, and the College of Wooster volunteers (Adam Hansell, Sarah Roth, Renee Devivo, Gabi Morrison, Crystal Chavez and Jessie Friesen )