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I am excited to announce the start to our 4 week fundraising campaign: Local People, Great Potential. This campaign is dedicated to the people who make everything happen on the ground in Ghana; from teaching subtraction to coordinating efforts with the local government agencies to empowering parents – and beyond.


Abraham leads music time with “boomwhackers”

One of our teachers, Abraham, was recently asked what he wants for his students’ future. His reply was that he wanted his students to be like him, but further their education more than he was able to. Abraham grew up in the village he now teaches in and was only able to go to school through junior high (middle school) because his family did not have the money for high school. He is one of the brightest teachers in the school, and he himself loves to learn. I have often found him up late reading a book from our library or learning on one of our tablets.
The Akaa Project has a deep belief in utilizing local talent, people who are from the communities we work – they understand the context and can therefore help create better solutions to rural poverty. These local changemakers are exactly who have made us so successful thus far.

As we construct our Marina Keegan classrooms and community center, we are preparing for the next stages of our Project – the opportunity to extend our reach to more families and children in rural areas. With our recent school partnership with Ghana Education Service and the local District Assembly, we will begin to work with other schools in the area and have a stronger emphasis on community education – for youth and adults.

With our recent partnerships, our people on the ground will also be transitioning to greater positions – to community teachers. They will be conducting outreach, implementing wider-range programs and managing a new set of challenges. And to continue our success, we need to develop their skills, offer training and provide mentorship.  Our fundraising campaign will fund exactly these needs including computer proficiency, first aid, monitoring and evaluation methods, resource management and professional development – all critical for the growth of the Akaa Project’s program and the impact we can have in our community.


Akaa Project’s Ghana Team


For our Local People, Greater Potential campaign we are using a new social fundraising platform. It is easy and interactive, and directs anyone to be a successful fundraiser. This crowdfunding (or as I like to call it team-funding) campaign relies on our wider network of amazing friends, volunteers and supporters, just like you, to take action and share Akaa stories.

When I think about the future of the Akaa Project, I think about people like Abraham, who has such potential for himself and how he can inspire those around him. With encouragement and training, Abraham can continue his own growth, becoming a stronger role model and more dynamic community organizer.

I hope you’ll join us in investing in the future of our people, future of our programs, and the future of rural communities in Ghana.

Warm wishes from Ghana,


Founder & CEO

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